Y All Will Realize lyrics

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"And this is the way....we rock the house"

"And in case you forgot"
"Y'all will realize"
"And in case you forgot"
"Y'all will realize"
"And in case you forgot"
"Y'all will realize"
"And in case you forgot"
"Y'all will realize"

Bring that ass to me and I'mma blasphamy all through your city
With the N-I-N-E milli just incase you wanna kill me
Till we mess up once again I'mma show you what your life's worth
I might hurt your whole crew and leave a lot of bloody turf
Many a times I write these rhymes, I'm startin to think that I
Could die and come back and haunt your ass with every blink of the eye
Just incase you forgot, last time around the block
My shot gun said blast a lotta fools got shot


Many people know me as the unholy ressurect shit
Straight bullet eject shit, 45 slug connection
You musta forgot my body rots, my maggot brain
I bring the pain plus the migrane
N-A-T-A-S, many people stress, mental stress
Suicidal thoughts when peep get depressed
My brain is a mess, triple 6 the crippled bitch
My style is parapolegic, I swallow bullets can you believe it?
Cause its like that


Incase you forgot, incase you lost touch nigga
I reach out and touch niggaz with chrome plated triggaz
Who's dick bigger? Bet you the bitches figure me
The motherfucker, the bitch killa TNT
I slit throats, I take coach like Max Julians
I'm down with Natas, they labeled me a hooligan
Whip out my tool again, fuck you with my steel dick
I nut slugs real quick, once the hammer clicks


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