We Almost Lost Detroit lyrics

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I stay true to my city, now ain't this a pity
Niggaz in my city be actin haciditty they be like damn
Thats that nigga who be talked that ill shit
But, um, I'm just a nigga that be kickin the real shit
And I don't believe in shit I don't see
So don't ask me bout G-O-D cause my religion is reality
Suckas be frontin for nothin, but I'mma get mine
I been kickin some old wicked shit, since 89
So you can fear when you hear me if you wanna
I gotta case of paranoia Natas gunnin is comin for ya
Back the fuck up when you see me don't even look my way
Or I'm tempted to fuck up your day, you better pray
Niggaz talk hoe shit about me but bring it to my face
And I'mma put yo ass in yo place, bitch
I represent where I'm from and that's the D-E-T-R-O-I-T
And these motherfuckers kill me

"Well we almost lost Detroit"
"How do you get to Detroit?"
"Hey now, wait a minute man you ain't gotta come on like that witcha cat
Ya dig, we was just rappin, you know what I mean man?"

Niggaz just be scared of the wicked shit
They ain't feelin it, never understand cause its the real shit
Some suckas hate me cause I'm realer than most
But these chatty niggaz in my city keep playin me close
And motherfuckers spreadin gas up all over town
Every time I come around niggaz wanna be down
100 pennies in your pocket, 40 dog in yo hand
Don't you know you're just a worker and your boss is my man
So get my dick out your hand because I'm down with the real
Ready to Shaquille a nigga, and fuck how you feel nigga
I've been down since D-A-Y O-N-E its only me
No Jimmy Walker, dynamite TNT
Its real life till I die and real life till I'm dead
And real life is all I ever really truly said
So go ahead with that bullshit if you must diss me
I represent the city, but it ain't representin me


Never thought I'd find myself in the middle of war
With the same niggaz and bitches I'm tryin to puttin this shit down for
Stay true to your city, due to your city you're a star now
But there's a price to pay with your life cause you devlish and wild
Givin a fuck that they sayin that my rappin is wrong
Its just so happens that your deepest fear is a wicked song
I'll bust one for you bust your head and leave you headless
You want me to kick this wicked madness you ain't said shit
My mind's about to bust one time, first I'll bust this rhyme
Let me see waht evil's on my mind, niggaz wishin I'm dyin
If I do I'm takin em with me, I'm takin this whole city with me
Underground, fools die from this wicked sound
The ghetto mist is thick so I can't see shit
All I hear is clickety-click I gotta get these enemies off my dick
You see they hate me, they want me to die but naw
The day I dropped the Blaz4me's the day I almost lost em all


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