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Torture...Nothing but torture

Torture nigga...
Welcome to the torture chamber
Cutting niggaz dicks off
Ain't no pussies around here,nigga

I'm getting crucified,in the public eye a nigga died
Come and meet the killa inside on a murder ride
I wanna pop piggity pop until they all fall
My style gets ugly like that muthafucka Biggie Smalls
I walk barefoot on a butcher knife
And fuck(no audio) if he ain't representin (no audio)
The .45 slug thug killa,spill a nigga brains like Millers
Cause we be Superman cap peelas...

Aaaaahh! I'm coming outta the woodworks
Nobody move nobody get hurt
I'm leaving bullet holes in T-shirts(pop pop)
The buddha lightin,masturbating while rhyme writin,wicket
Finger fucked the pussy of Jada Pinkett
I burn up obituaries
I fucked Halle Berry to death and dumped her body in the cemetary
The dick loaner,the big booty bitch boner of all types
Burnin you bitches with crack pipes...


Burnin niggaz up
Tie yo ass up to a telephone pole
Like Jesus Christ,nigga
Jesus Christ

Fantasies is unreal,I'm burnin you pigs with black steel
And killin children for your Happy Meals
Like takin candy from a baby
I murdered my old lady with a 380
(Because the pussy drove him crazy!!!)
She never knew what was in store
Cause I'm the nigga that raped the bitch 2Pac went to jail for
I'm insane from asylum,the asylum drove me insane
Sniff cocaine to ease pain

I got one in the chamber,the torture chamber
I'm paranoid,so you best avoid
Any confrotation,I rub the barrel like masturbation
To nut all in yo face and
Look what you facin
A madman unmasked like jason
Gun smoke smellin,Reel Life yellin
I show my face of death
I got one bullet left in the glock
And I'm screamin 3,2,POP!!!!!!!

[Esham & Dice]

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