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(backround: Esham)
Somebody help me, somebody help me, somebody help me!

(Chorus) - (Psychopathic Screams)

No one hears my screams
I told you me deepest fears
but I'm still havein bad dreams
it seems, I'm still trapped inside a paradox
weather you care or not
my inferred plays connect the dots
The evil nigga no nigga could eva figure the style
comist the body count and the bodies pile
a hundred miles
and me styles never get worn
the wicket shit will never die
no need to mourn
The suckas stay off my dick I'm never friendly
to go to church fuck Jesus cause it just aint in me in me
Lord have mercy, damn its the devils day
can i say, wicket niggas come out and play, and hey
I do it for the suicidalness
and aint no otha nigga suicidal like this, so scream


Screamin at the top of my lungs
redrum, redrum, murder 1 uh, nigga with the gun uh, acti-tion
rude boy never hesitate to bust
and fuck any motha fucka who aint down with us
The wicket nigga the nigga with wicket commin with the wicket ness
and niggas still on my dick for this
A straight suicidal, homicidal, brotha
neva like anotha, take a pillow and smuggle yo motha
Run for cover, hide for shelter
nigga i felt cha, and oh yeah helta skelta, the fuck the funk
I'm never down
me and my nigs don't fuck around, I'm stickily underground
I take yo momma ya daddy and everything you love
and tell yo ass their aint no heaven up above and just scream


My shits so inconspicuous
its so ridiculous
niggas lick my style like a dick
But I'm a nut up, cut up, what up, cut they dick off
and sew they butt up, cause they some pussies
Bitch get back off my ball sack
cut it loose, my shits triple fact like a goose
and, I know the one to make the shit that make you vomit
I live mo life then on tupacs stomach
Check the maggot brain theory
niggas cant get near me to hear me, I'm bustin off like a sawed off
Shotgun, love, I got none
niggas betta run when I cock one, the hot one
I still swallow bullets spittin em in yo face
cause I love the way gun powder taste and just scream


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