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Police say that Tony was drinking with a 19 year old friend,
smoking marijuana and listening to songs about suicide
when he killed himself. It's the third fatal case of
teenage Russian Roulette this year.

Original mad, mad, mad Natas
Original mad, mad, mad Natas (4x)

Get in the belly of the beast,
Chew me up, I'd rather give ya indigestion,
Do you believe in God is the question.
What the hell's goin' on?
I smell somethin' wrong,
They worship the devil, hope this wicketness wouldn't last long.
24/7, almost one step away from heaven,
In my journey though hell, the devil got me bellin'.
Fuck it, catch me if you can,
Kill me like a man,
If I got my finga on the trigga, your life's in my hands.
When I first came runnin' up on yo' ass,
What did you think I was gonna do to you?
Boo mutha fucka let my voodoo run though.
If yo' eyes are blind,
666 is the sign,
Stupid punks can't fuck with a Mastamind!
Original mad, mad, mad Natas,

Original, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmad Natas (2x)

Police and preachers after me from state to state,
Fuck the world, they find I fill it with nuthin' but hate.
Prosecute me in they real jury, my vision is blury.
How many died from the rhymes I crucified?
Nigga, it's alright if you die tonight,
Superman don't understand, I'm the kryptonite.
Whether I'm dead or alive,
How will I survive?
If you wanna meet God, tell me who wanna die?
Nigga don't be scared, just be prepared,
Once my bullets hit yo' dome, I'll see you there.
Heaven or hell don't matter in the afterlife,
Cuz we all gone die so no need to cry.
Original mad, mad, mad Natas,

Original, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmad Natas (2x)

I'm comin' through,
It's the crew with the voodoo,
Fuck Jim Holly, I don't give a fuck what you do.
You punk bitch, I'ma buck, buck yo' body lay,
And God don't fuck around this way.
I'm comin' straight from the boondocks,
I'm suicidal, or am I homicial with the glocks cocked?
I yell shells to the fo' head,
I scream, Blaz4me, now Tim suicidal dead.
I recommend some Psychiatric,
If you comptemplatin' suicide I'm down for the murda ride.
I still do what I feel to,
And I'm all the way real, bitch God's gonna kill you!
Original mad, mad, mad Natas,

Orignal, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmad Natas (2x)
Welcome to the unpleasant world of Natas

The Detroit based rap band who have invented their own genre,

Original mad, mad, mad Natas
Original, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmad Natas (5x)

It is basically a Satan in reverse

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