Mad At The World lyrics

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"Hahahahaha, we comin, we comin bitch boy
Hahahaha, Natas, mad motherfucking Natas
Mad mad mad, mad at you bitch boy
Chatty ass motherfucker"

You don't wanna see when I'm angry see I let the world change me
Into a madman and now they wanna hang me
Fuckin do me in, you shoulda killed me last year
Cause I'm pissed off kinda hyped better murder me tonight
See I'm fin ta send a nigga to the trauma center
I shot the baby party that I went ta
Am I mad at the world or just you?
My ex-homie nigga, fuck it I can't trust you
Now, what the fuck to do, bitches sayin fuck my crew
But it seems I'm the only playa they wanna stick a buck through
Prematurely ejaculated mom's one little girl
2pacalypse ain't the only nigga up against the world
Can't live is your average nig, bitch I'm Mastamind
This shit is heavy on my mind, cause I'm mad at the world

Mad at the world got a permanent case
I'm brown faced with the case of slugs swallowed bullets pull the plug
I wanna die dreams of squeaky triggers
45 diggers chasin me esacped from police custody
Fuck the world is what I'm screamin all day
Its a mad world so I'm mad every single fuckin day
Fuck you ass hole the world wants to hate me
Hole in my head once the bullets penetrate me
Suicidal lately dead boy yells
Try thin mysery, cross stuff over to this hell
I'm finna bust, my mind can't take this blood rush
To the brain, butt naked in the rain
I scream pain, killa, trigga, illa
Nigga, never been lost I lost my mind
Cause I'm mad at the world

You see I'm mad at the world I ball up my fists
Beat myself in the head cause I'mma suicidalist
Mental stress I got my thinkin, I'm blinkin I'm blackin out
I shake the dice of life in my hand I think I'm crappin out
I can't tolerate it no more I can't believe this
Now they got me screamin oh God baby Jesus
Migrane, feel my pain
I show no shame I got one in the chaaamber
I woke up sweatin bullets now I swallow bullets
But you can't understand it cause I'm mad at the whole planet
Well just fuck em all, get my gun and buck em all
Shoot up in the sky and hope Heaven fall
I burn up Bible's cause my brothers deadboy
I put a gun to your head boy, because I'm mad at the world

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