Killas Don't Talk lyrics

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Another nigga dead cause he didn't know his fate
Found him face down bloody body by the lake
I didn't know his name but I swore I saw his face
My clothes were all bloody so I gotta leave this place
One more dead body and it's added to my list
The drama's gettin thick cause I'm caught up in this shit
The shit is kinda simple cause it started as a game
The blood of a madman runs through my veins
Killaz don't talk


My hands were all bloody muddy tracks through the kitchen
Undercover cops question me for suspicion
Askin me some questions bout a murder I committed
(Damn nigga did you do it, who done it) yeah I did it
I'm thinkin to myself "Hope I didn't leave no clues"
I looked at my feet and there was blood on my shoes
Probably the homocide I have no alibi
I guess I plead the 5th and I don't even try
Killaz don't talk...


One bloody body in the river floatin pale
Body full of holes plugged from 17 shells
I panic cause I'm manic cause I'm full of some depression
I told them go to hell they ain't gettin know confession
They said they know I did it cause they got an eye witness
They saw me dump the body of a jehovahs witness
They can't beat my mind cause my mind is kinda dead
The truth I never said cause I'm fucked up in the head
Killaz don't talk...

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