All In Yo Head lyrics

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Your mind is gone, your mind is blown
Whatever you been smokin on leave that shit alone
I tried to step to ya, ya tried to play me off
Every player in the world has to take a loss
But I refure to lose, bitch I got news
You ain't who you think you are, you're not a star
Like Marilyn Monroe but Marilyn Monroe was a ho
You wanna be a star come be in my ho show
I'll put you on pay roll, put you on a night stroll
I gotta bank roll lemme buy your soul
Call me a devilish ass nigga
All I got is my balls and my as my dick gets bigger
Bitch I'm ready for the world
Would you be my girl if I gave ya diamonds and pearls
You wanna be all that, well you can be all you can be
But you ain't shit to me, see?
Its all in ya head

Its all in ya head, all in ya head
Its all in ya head, in ya fucked up head

Its all in ya H-E-A-D, bitch you crazy
You tried to play me like my visions hazy
You think I can't see, but I can see right through
I'd rather fuck you, you and your hot booty crew
I run through hoes and I keep goin
I call the bitches hoes cause they keep hoein
A real life speaker speaks the real deal
I get real ill, and don't give a fuck how you feel
I call em like I see em cause duty calls
Niggaz like me and E and TNT'll never pause
Its like 24, 7 one more step away from Heaven
If I go I know, you know I gotta take me a ho
Welcome to the gangstas bedroom
Do me now and not later cause maybe I'll be dead soon
Here and now, lay that ass down before I clown
Oh please oh please, don't make me die with a frown
You'd rather behave yourself than save yourself instead
Fuck that, I know you frontin ho, its all in ya head


I come back, you can take that to the bank and cash it
Don't even ask it cause you know I want that ass bitch
You wanna play hard to get while I'm gettin hard
That game ain't cool, tell to the ref to lay the rules
I ain't no joke I got that X Ray vision
I can see how ya livin
Nothin but freaky deaky sneaky peaky ways
Natas seen my most host don't give real niggaz praise
We clip your wings and bring ya down to hell
Some bitches fly to high time to shoot em out the sky
I'm that typa guy to do you with no kiss
Your lame to my game, what you know about this?
Lifes a bitch and a ho then you're dead
So when I see ya play the role I'mma check ya
Its all in ya head


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