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He's comin',he's comin'
he's here have no fear
stay by his side
and he'll take you for a ride
he's comin',he's comin'darkman is back
nana is here

booya that's the name of the gang
me and my boyz all day we hang
representin' the fattest shit that you ever heard
one for the money and two for the girls
ladies let me see your g-strings drop
time is how we do everybody
knockin'out niggas in the face
like cassius clay
baby baby what we can do
let's go for a ride with me and my crew
unstoppable inflammable
sensational international
high class quality
the best you can get
you wanna step your better check
the internet
apply while standing in the line
booya in the house to blow your mind


stop look and listen let me introduce
toni cottura my homeboy
got juice like bruce lee
the master of kung fu
flashbacks in your dreams
another deja vous
boom when he comes thru the door
no doubt about the fact
that you want some more
true love and respekt
we have one for another
signing off for a sec it's the darkman nana
toni cottura
yo nana i got your back like an other
mad love respekt for another
who ain't booya gonna suffer
toni cottura dying would i for ya
booya is my family
like daisy in my flower
bülo made it yes!jan and june
gonna creep to the top soon
nana hmmm you fucked your ememies
mad lover and props
gives you the booya family


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