The Twilight Shadow lyrics

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Dawn of time, the first-born am I
I will be the last on to die
Guardian of the earth, protector of the sea
To it all I hold the master key

I can tell the faith of mortal men
I can tell you how you die and when
When I'm looking deep into your mind
I can see you're ignorant and blind

Dressed in all colours called by all names
I disguise as water earth or flames
I've shown you every dream, shown you every nightmare
Even though you still don't seem to care


I am the twilight shadow
I'll enlighten your darkest sins
When forever ends
I'll stop the cause of living

I've seen the way to paradise
I know the road to hell
Where you're going I for sure can tell
The end is closer your maker you will meet
Destruction of the Earth has been complete


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