Shadows With Tales To Tell lyrics

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In my room burns a single flame
And night has come, so nothing looks the same
Shadows on the floor, shadows on the wall
So alive, you can almost hear them call

I start to sleep, but my eyes still see
I've taken the bait and now my mind has been set free
As the room starts to turn and figures start to twist
I'm drowning in blackness, in a sea of mist

Stand very still, be very silent
Shadows with tales to tell
Stand very still, be very silent
Singing of Heaven and Hell

Lying, sleeping, dreaming neon white
Angels and Demons coming out of the light
Shadows on the floor, whispering in my ear
Tellin' me ancient truths of why we are here


The shadows are dancing tonight
By the power of one single light

Visions show me places that can never be
Terrible and beautiful, not for the eyes to see
Out of the twilight, silence is born
But I awake now my dream is gone

Refrain (2x)

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