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A Long Farewell lyrics

Rating: 2.82
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["I instantly knew by the beauty of the young man that I'd experience a special

A murder without death
Just one minute of complete disconnection
Loss of aeons of time
Loss of mass amount of information
Left outside the web
With 5 days unaccouted for
A millenium of non-communication

Searching across the galaxy wide for the data lost
Unknown enemies ready to strike
To kill at any cost
Penetrating core periphery
Finding the old earth re-creation
Saved in a temple
As I received the implant information

Secrets hidden in lost memory
Together we'll find it and we'll write history
Beautiful stranger your life's a mystery
Powered by human genetics and poetry


Divided in 3, each fighting their own fight
To gain the same purpose to gain the same might
Solids argue that between core and humanity
- A certain level of symbiosis is necessary
The non-persistent advocate immediate extinction
- Humans are a threat to complete prediction
Extremes promote the project with obsession
- Reconstruction and retrieval for U.I. culmination

HYPERION! - The penultimate opposition
Non-subject from laws of physics and computerized prediction

Moving back in time with messages of war
The majestic valley graves so disturbing to the core

The outcome is two futures of war and Beast invasion
One's a retroactive strike from core domination

The second is a fist through time sent for core destruction
A final blow from enemies who escaped the non-persistents' extinction

I carry your child and I carry the memory of all you ever were and all you'd ever
Ans as they take your body away
The frantic worshippers are chanting to me

Bless our Saviour bless the tool to our forgiveness

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