You Stole My Heart Away lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Artist(s)Lucky Jim
Album(s)  -

Well you know that it's true
Since I coupled with you
I have watched opportunity stray
Some to gold some to mud
I've got the road in my blood
'Cause you stole my heart away

Father hear my lament
What was straight now is bent
What was black is now fading to grey
It's a bird it's a plane
It's a fault in my brain
'Cause you stole my heart away

Well the weakness is mine
It's been here for a time
Keeping all of these riddles at bay
If I don't have a whip
I go upstairs and strip
'Cause you stole my heart away

You are hardly yet beaten my son
You have still got another bullet
Left in your gun

Well the garden is green
It's a real gentle scene
It will bring us together I pray
Like a bee to a flower
You'll be mine in an hour
'Cause you stole my heart away

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