Right Now lyrics

Rating: 2.97
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Artist(s)Jeanette Biedermann
Album(s)Rock My Life

I feel so independant
cause I'm out on
my own all alone
and this better never be ending
I will fight for the
right to my throne


you're the only one who's
disturbing me
gotta take a hike
so you don't hang round
and keep hurting me
here today


Oh wow wow
kick you out and
don't look back right now
our love is over you know you
can count me out right now
and I'm not moving closer
to you boy
I won't be nobody's girl right now

no need for contemplating
doesn't matter to me
what you do
cause you are the one who
is leaving
but I don't have no
time to be blue


.....you'll be the loner
no more love

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