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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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The Partymonster lyrics

Rating: 4.10
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Mr Hide is going out tonite
Cause Dr Jekyll stays at home
Just a five days drag is over now
Two day times party’s coming on

Checking out the papers for the latest news
On the schedule of the bands to come
It reads Hellfire is coming to town
So don’t hesitate just be in time
Quick cool shower and some phone calls to make
Time about to get ready ‘cause it’s getting late
The reflection in the mirror’s talking politics
Look out, here he comes Mr Cute (looking beautiful)

Mr Hide is feeling hot tonite
Dr Jekyll doesn’t know about
Looking for the favorite party dress
Time is short don’t waste a minute at all

Step into the neonlights - into real life
To the pizza parlour you use to hang out at night
Meeting with some friends for a drink or two
Let the show begin of you know who
Blinded by the light, my veines pure adrenalin
People’s voices sound like one, so start to sing
Never lose some flirting eyes out of sight
Looking for a match to hold tight (all night)

Mr Hide is on the hunt now, Baby,
Dr Jekyll is a creep
Pretty girls as far as you can see
Take your time and take your choice

Something ‘bout this lady that’s quite passionate
You find out on the way to her place
She is irresistable – knows what she wants
You’re a lucky looser

- Come on - Move a little closer
- Yeah, that’s it - I like it
- You’re not shy, honey - Let’s get down
- Talking love - What a night

Monday Dr Jekyll is back at work
Mr Hide is taking a rest
Coming Friday it‘s starting all over again
Here he comes, counting one, two, three, four

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