Hardly lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Artist(s)Hayden Desser
Album(s)Everything I Long For

Could I be
the one thing
Missing from your life and from your everyday
I need you to be beside me
Why don't you call me and we'll see
I see you having coffee
You were almost beside me laughing with your friends
I tell Loraine to look at you
I tell her I need to tell you
I don't know you, but I want to
I just can't leave here without telling you
Just how lonely I've been lately
You are just as lonely maybe
We should go out for some coffee
I wonder how I can
Give you my phone number and not be so afraid
I ask Loraine to give it to you
And I go to the washroom
I return to the table
I look but I'm unable to find you anywhere
I ask Loraine to look for you
I tell her I need to tell you
On the way out the door
Loraine lets me know that she went up to you
And gave you my number and said
Call him or else he'll be sad
And I waited, waited
For two weeks and then
I realized that you'd never call me
How could I have been so stupid
I should have gone up to you and
Told you myself how you made me feel

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