Driveway lyrics

Rating: 3.59
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Artist(s)Hayden Desser
Album(s)Everything I Long For

Playing on
the drive
Time's almost by
Laundry basket hides
Sitting while we dry
Tell me I should know
Tell me I would grow
I'm sticking fourteen stones
Gently up my nose
So I shoved one up
Until it got stuck
Five more then I'm done
Playing with Lee's no fun
Dad looked out the front door and he saw
Only Lee sticking a rock
Up his nose while I just watched
Dad chased him around the block
Dad got him real quick
Then he gave him shit
Hospital I stay
His nose the doctors fix
I sit on the drive
Waiting til they arrive
Nose is full inside
I'm trying to stay alive
Lee was too scared to tell dad I made
Stones up my nose and one stays
Until one day I made a face
A stone falls from my nose they say
They'll say

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