Human Being lyrics

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Album(s)Trodin' On

Yeah, just give the women the respect, what dem deserve
and if a guy disrespects you yes him haffi splet, why him haffi splet

If a guy try fi treat you like a puppet pon a string
mek dem know that you is a human being
"I'm not a thing", girl try to know fi sing

Verse 1:
Manifestigation, of respect for the women ina we nation,
'cause a dem always put down frustration- from the demy ball
me never see dem ina destruction, well
a who beat dig and who mek me wild
couldn't be the female from deh what dem say fall,
awho could it's yet a when dem start ball
everlasting, burning fire

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:
Because, woman you bang okay, you nuh stocky
sicky-sicky, you lifestyle nuh shity-shity
And you nuh worry, nuh hurry, everything, Christ and Copy rightousness you a stop
And no man can fool you, much less disrespect you with money alone, dis ya soul
can't get you,
all a deh contra with fi dem can't attract you, but true love woll always protect

Chorus (2x)

Wa wa wa waw wa waa waa (2x)

Verse 3:
What's all abroad, woman a love love dif a run down ina dem mmode
love fi big up dem chest without dem can't run hot,
when you check it out dem flex like a osmos,
gal shout it out loud

Chorus (2x)

Repeat Verse 1

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