Nightmare lyrics

Rating: 2.98
Song Details
Artist(s)Dry Kill Logic
Album(s)The Darker Side Of Nonsense

I don't like in you
Something strange I cannot Follow
How you want me to
However small it seems so shallow
If you only knew
Such a feeling for words so hollow
What I'd done to you
You'd cry
You took it all away
I alone replace what's broken
Nothing left to say
Muted words that were not spoken
If and when I may
Life is over - lack of motion
Shamed is where I lay
I tried
Never before have I felt so hollow
First one to lead and now I follow
Carry the things that I cannot dismiss
Never again do I think I will feel this
NEVER again do I think I will feel this
Me + u = nightmare
You worthless piece of shit
Me + u =nightmare

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