Since I Met You lyrics

Rating: 2.81
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Artist(s)Crosby, Stills And Nash
Album(s)Daylight Again

In the time it takes to count
I'll be back and asking you
Is there more
Yes it is
All about your loving
I am yours
I can't get enough of your love
Since I met you

Might be all about I like
The things you say
I don't really care (do you?)
Either way
Feeling very strong about you
I don't want to live
Without your love
Since I met you

I met you
I became a stronger man
Trying too hard
To prove too much before

If you're trying to relax
Don't ask questions
That will surely tax
You later on
You'll have your answer

Best of all you never worry
But always care
All you need to know is that
I am there
Yes I am
Don't know why you ever chose me
Heaven knows
We certainly have loved enough
Since I met you

Since I met you
Since I met you . . . (repeated)

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