Feel So Alive lyrics

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Artist(s)Chesney Hawkes
Album(s)Feel So Alive

Oh, never guessed that it could happen
It came like a bolt out of the blue
I was alone, and so lonely,
Turned around and saw you
Music loud and your eyes smiling,
It seemed to tell me what to do,
It's so easy and so natural
I knew I'd leave there with you

Took you to wake me, took you to make me
You make me feel, you make me feel so alive
Took you to shake me,
Took you to take me,
You make me feel, you make me feel so alive

We lost track of all the hours
Drinking wine in that cafe
And there was so much to laugh at,
Cause we had so much to say,
Walking slowly through the city,
We were sheltered from that shower of rain,
The moon and the stars on the river,
All seemed to dance into my brain

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