It S Gonna Be Tough lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Artist(s)Chesney Hawkes
Album(s)Buddy S Song

No use in crying, but it's so hard
You see the ones you really love fall so far apart
They swear they love you
They smile and they bluff
Let me tell you

You're gonna make it
But it's gonna be tough
It's gonna be tough
It's gonna be

Knives and needles and greed on the street
You get promises of paradise from everyone you meet
But don't believe'em
They're playing so rough
Just remember


Ain't no time to sit and cry
Live your life it's all you've got
So, feel alright
It's so hard today
Need a hand to fly away tomorrow
Stop feeling sorry for yourself
You've got a lifetime in front of you
Don't need no help
You just need strength and a little bit of luck
Let me tell you

(Repeat last line of chorus)

Let me wish you good luck

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