Rise Up (you Fighters) lyrics

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Artist(s)Brothers Keepers

Crisis / Wake up and see you fighters before you see them vipers / Hear my calling
all the way / Because if they come and they dislike us being our brothers keepers /
We'll be fighting through this day
Roots Manuva / Revolution in stereo that's how we dapping now / We educate and
elevate no time for slacking now / Rise up wise up cos the far right them a size up
/ Looking for scapegoats to work their hatred / Full time we're lining up & squash
those racists / And we don't need to stoop to their cowardly level / Terrorise them
with treble and we buck them with base / Monster flame behold see fire bun them /
Run them and we don't need gun fi gun them / Unification / Fly the flag antagonise
uncivilised risings / But still abide by universal law / World-wide we synchronise
beating our chest / From Parliament to Congress it's progress / Inject the love to
the heart of the metropolis / Revolutionary mind state ain't no stopping this
Creamo / Hey yo - there's no justice there's just us / We don't watch big brother -
big brother watch us! / And through the media got ya believing the negative stereo
type they feeding ya / Then sending their troops out to stop search & harass us /
Sometimes we even end up brutalised / Please no excuse & lies we losing lives / In
police custody like moving tribes / They're armed now trigger ha
ppy and shooting guys / Racism it's not on the streets it's institutionalised
Knight Templa / The whole planet is a political prison / How hypocritical is living?
/ Racism issues getting deep critical listen / Racism is just another form of
religion / that keeps the people splitting in the division beware of the prison /
Opposition is spreading us in this hell we live in / Putting the people verse the
system but we're letting them win / It ain't a black thing – it ain't a white
thing – it's just a life thing! / The fact that they can't see that is kind of
frightening / Unless we come together days will only get darker / Cos of racism my
son he only got one grandfather / And these laws and orders they only helping us to
slaughter / If they cared they would have jailed the four that bored up Stephen
Lawrence / Man their whole minds manipulated into it / They born with innocence but
over years turn into this / Why can't we all be mature and settle differences / I
came to let you know that ignorance it isn't bliss
Est'elle / Yo, I said man's is getting stamped on kids with no fathers / Wives
crying at night mothers left with daughters / We know it's far right but it's far
from right / They keep murdering the man like it's the thing to keep tight / Now
they calling what Mugabe does is genocide / When your own people make my people drop
dead like flies / It's always a mistake & some mothers' heart is breaking / Whilst
you put your fist in the air murder like you making / Dedicated to families of them
people who was killed / And the human race who I know should feel it still / When
you wake up & free your own mind / Raised on me nothing we bleed it's the same kind
Seanie-T / Take your education bredda keep it like a gun / In a world of mind
madness meets manipulation / The basis of a racist place is ain't wid their tongue /
Whilst putting fear wid the people in a situation / Seanie don't talk advocate
violence but it don't make sense / Through mi colour you want beat down my fence /
Them bwoy not worth 2 pence got no intelligence / Dog shit must be their brain
Black Twang / You know what though. What we need in our community is unity / Proper
opportunities combating Babylon's scrutiny / Instead of screwing me go screw the
system / Diss them & fist them piss in their faces like it's a cistern / Since when
has it become too much to share facts? / Look out for one another like mere cats /
Instead of juking out each other bringing tears to eyes like tear gas / Whilst pigs
target practice on kids with bear gats / Of course overstand say lives get cut short
/ Breddas kill breddas over medals like blood sports / I keep a whole heap of love
for my bruvs / One love, one people, one life, one fight, one blood!
Karl Hinds / Yo, you know I commentate on social pressure daily / Relate to me
clearly, pictures are painted it's hard to live sacred / Trust is complex /
Brutality my child's reality is forthcoming / Police will punch a child up over
nothing / Twisted patriotic burn crosses / Consequence bear losses to the nation of
black / On top of that the subliminal stress designed to limit progress of ghetto
youth contributes / The navigator speaks the truth
MCD / It's the pollution with what minds get filled / When brain cells are killed
never chill coffins are filled / The construction that's many build to get figures /
They never with us they celebrate with swastikas / They claim they're saving lives
depicting their way of live as right / Putting hate in the hearts of people with
blond hair and blue eyes / They claim they have the best plan / What they think is
without their separation all whites will be extinct kid / The mind of the babies the
heart not the colour of the face / In fact they make whites wanna change their race /
To find peace in your soul love yourself that's the nourishment the world need / Cos
that's the spiritual wealth
Pluto / Racist feds want us dead arrest us / By morning we're victims laid out on
stretchers / Cause of death unknown / They've got us in a zone (for real) / In order
to eat got to kill your own (that's not right) / Brainwash. It's time to let the
truth manifest / Stand up truly blessed (get up). Be ready to die for each other
(die) / Divided they conquer – together we're stronger / Regal people overrule
evil / X & King were leaders of their people (right) / We've never seen their equal
(nah) – rise people (rise) / Mentally adapt. Set examples for the little ones
/ Am I my Brothers Keeper? Or just a nigga in love with reefer?
Paradise / How many times we've got to reflect on our lives? / That reflection is
the detection of the pain in our eyes / When we've got to recite that kid was aiight
/ In a suit pinstriped to his wake one candle we light casually in his memory / He
reflect us death reflects all of we plural / Graffiti tag walls the mural / R.I.P.
ergo family quarrels over a fear with the inner sorrows / Cos their kid didn't live
to see another tomorrow / So today we're forced to pray that we too won't have to
see the cemetery / in such a similar way

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