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Liebe Und Verstand lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Brothers Keepers

(performed by the Sisters Keepers)

Meli / Willkommen zu Sisters Keepers! Denn keiner gleicht dem anderen
Ayo / Könnten wir die Welt mit Kinderaugen sehen würden wir lernen uns zu lieben,
uns zu verstehen, wir würden Farben ignorieren uns füreinander interessieren nicht
Haß sondern Liebe würden die Welt regieren
Mamadee / Liebe deinen Feind, wie soll das gehen? Zu oft hab ich geweint, doch
keiner hat's gesehen. Werde aufhören zu schweigen, weigere mich dem zu neigen. Nein,
nein, nein. Ich bin vogelfrei
Refrain / Es ist schön Dich zu sehen, komm reich uns Deine Hand, auch wir sind hier
geboren und trotzdem fremd in diesem Land. Schön Dich zu sehen komm reich uns deine
Hand, wir können etwas ändern mit Liebe und Verstand
Lisa / We all walk on by in silence. Just didn't see the evil seed breeding in
violence putting it on and taking off that old smile that we have lost. Our babies
are fighting our battles – paying a heavy cost
Nadja / I know that the world could be a better place.but it seems some things will
never change, if you are torn apart and don't know which path to choose, home is
where the love is at, home is where your heart is at
Kaye / I don't feel no vibe from you. I can't see the light with you. Wouldn't even
have the time to stay. Rather keep rising to a higher place
Pat / Na listen up everybody, wanna make a change. Na what you need to do is listen
to your heart and rearrange. Cause black is beautiful and so is white, gotta change
your way of thinking, may not happen over night, but if you only try than you can
see, that a strong eclectic nation we could be that stop hating and debating how to
make a change. Do something positive and do it today, na would ya
Tesirée / I don't see why you're hurting me this way. You gotta look beyond that
colour and skin, my friend

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