Just Say It Loud (feat. Eminem) lyrics

Rating: 4.10
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Artist(s)Brittany Murphy

yo, i am on here.
yeah, 'd like to say...



just say it loud!

Verse 1:
baby, it's my turn to rescue the world.
i know, it just sounds crazy, but i know the words.
maybe i am a punk, and for sure i am white.
but now look at this hot girl and you will say: she's tight

hey, em.
thanks for all these compliments, that i really like.
but don't you think, there's missing something, say it in your mic.
just say it loud!

verse 2:
wow wow.
we are we and you know it, i know.
maybe i will love you after your show.
maybe i don't really like you.
maybe i love you, but you just don't know.
just say it loud!

chorus: 2x

verse 3:
mhhh, i wanna love you boy.
but you use me like a toy.
oh oh, you have to undastand.
are you really so bad?
ain't this shit show?
don't you love me, too?
just say it loud!

chorus: 3x

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