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Loving You lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Brian Harvey
Album(s)  -

Refugee camp
Feel it
Turn my mike up Yo!
It's the international kid with mass appeal
I know I'm signed but I still rhyme like I need a DealMy mike checked from the
suburbs to the projects
Cutting your neck like a Killer's Gillette
The whole club jumped like grasshoppers
When the record is produced by Wyclef and Jerry Wonder
Two rhymes to go,I know you all want me to leave
Brian Harvey come in and serenade all the Ladies
If loving you is a crime
Lock me up throw away the Key
Tell the judge i don't ever want to see sunlight no more -keep a lock on the door
Now I'm trapped-prison walls
Thoughts of you is what keep me alive
S'what my cell mate said
"Hey yo!what you gonna do when you get out of prison?"
Chorus-Jump in the cap,find my way home
Step out the shower,dry myself to the bone
You know what's next-put on my fresh cologne
My phone rings ding a ding ding ding
No time to stall,Shorty give me a call
She told me holler back and the girls can get involved
You know ho we do with the Refugee crew
It's Brian Harvey
ole ole ole ole ole ole
ole ole ole ole ole ole
Yo Yo Yo with the pretty smile
Fake nummber you gave me I couldn'dial
When I looked in her eyes and I asked her why
Said her Daddy was a spy for the FBI
Hold up I heard sirens behind my back
Turned around and saw a man who was dressed in black
Yo!We pulled it back said 'don't act like that'I want you to for more then your
kitty cat
Shine a light to my uptown girl(uptown girl)
Here's a shout for my downtown girl(downtown girl)Let the light stay low
Girl you can't resist
Feel the Refugee flow

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