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Inner - Planetary - Funksmanship lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Bootsy Collins
Album(s)  -

Ahh the name is Bootsy baby, comin' at cha - through - your - ear - hole
Saying thanks for checking out my new CD… yeah it's new for you and it's new for me
I've taken lots of trips but none like this, that consists of so many stars
throughout the galaxies… Yeah "Play With Bootsy" is the concept that set my music
free it allows all walks of life to come "P" with me
People like - Mousse T. George Clinton Catfish The Clown Norman Cook, Bernie Worrell
Fred Wesley Lady Miss Kier Till Brönner One Tweet Seeed Pro Griff and Chuck D Snoop
Doggie Dogg Rosie Gaines Sly & Robbie The Royal Garden Johnny Douglas Kelli Ali Macy
Gray and cousin Fat Joe
Yeah these great artists in their own way have made an unforgettable contribution to
the funk
Thanks for keepin' the funk alive

Also I'd like to thank all my Rubber Fans and Funkateers that stuck by me threw
thick and thin
Now I'd like to invite some new listeners to come along and make a friend What's old
is new and what's new gets old but what really matters is that this funky D.N.A. gets
inside your soul
Give it a chance you will dance
Metabolic imaging to make your mind enhanced now stop playing with yourself

Come - Play - With - Me - Uhh - Bootsy Baby!

Oh come all ye faithful if only you can believe Now faith is the substance of things
hoped for and the evidence of things not seen
So by keepin' the funk alive and keepin' your dream alive all things are possible to
them that believe… dare to dream dare to study & work hard to show yourself some
approval… You are not what you eat but it's what's eating you… So let's deal with
that let's face those viruses that are putting a cut on your vibe

You 've heard the term good vibrations
well it's all in there you have good vibes Dare to be different dare to not be the
Step up to your future then turn on the charm
Yeah it's hard to face it and it's hard to be alone but if you take it step by step
you will find your own way home
Use your imagination because that's the highest kite one can fly…

The sky is the limit "only" if you put a wall behind it… Let's tear the walls down…
You can do all things with that inner power that's within you… Dig deep keep diggin'
down deep, you dig cause funk is it's own reward… We Love! We Funk! We believe in you

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