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The Ring Of Freedom lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Album(s)The Legend Begins

I'm gonna reach the island, I'm gonna break the spell
I am the only real hope for my land
To find the ring of freedom, I will be facing hell
I feel inside me the power of faith
Tonight the bright stars show me the way
To find the Oracle I have to be at the island withtin the night

'Cause I'm riding to find now the holy ring, ancient simbol of victory
To the doors of the Oracle I will go, to fight the shadow of my soul

A legend told the story of this divine ring
The power of immortality
To gain this magic symbol, I'll reach the oracle
to face the mirrors of my darkest past
I'm ready to pass beyond the holy doors
I close my eyes and I set my mind free, now I'm deciding my fate

'Cause tonight I will be the only warrior who returned from the Oracle
with this ring at my finger I will survive, I'll have the power of my Gods

[SOLO - Markus Mayer]

The Oracle: "Brave warrior, enter the Oracle now...
You'll write the fate of your sacred land
The ancient army of Ghoran is awaiting your arrival
then you will reach the divine gates of Lorengaard
Now cross the mirrors to gain the holy ring
Then take your faithful horse and ride!"

[SOLO - Matt Treasure]

From holy fields of Eilen, I'll lead my people to
the sacred walls of Lorengaard
My king has called my name, I'll be the only one
to keep the ring of freedom
Oracle, show me the fate of my land
Then I will pass the divine gates to reach the shining light of the ring

I'll ride to the victory!

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