Ivory Tower lyrics

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Album(s)The Legend Begins

My hands are chained and I'm screaming, I can't escape from here
This is the Ivory Tower, right in the middle of enemies reign
Who can hear my voice? Who will save my soul?
I hear the silence of death, I have no chance to be free
I raise my eyes to the sky! Lord, take me out of this hell!

I will return to fight, I'll march alone to be
The saver of my land, the power's in my hands

[SOLO - Matt Treasure]
[SOLO - Aldo Lonobile]

From Eilen my friends are coming to set me free from these chains
I hear the sound of their voices, soon they will be here to save me
Holy knights, prepare to go! We're the ones who keep the Ring
Now I am finally free, my sword is ready to kill
Once my Master told me: "Face the evil ones with your steel!

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