Call For Revenge lyrics

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Album(s)The Legend Begins

Force of the Eilen warriors come to destroy the faithless knights
Holy shadow's in the sky
Run to the walls of Lorengaard, where our mighty heroes lie
Proudly we will save our land
We know the secrets of the ancient times, we'll ride the winds of glory tonight
Cross the seas of time, we will see our fate, enemies will know the power of our

The master of heaven will rise, the altar of glory will honour our pride
God will open the sky and we'll march together till the end of time

[SOLO - Matt Treasure]

Lord, I'm going to die, I'm waiting for your call
I'll follow your signs
Guide my deeds and so my land will be free again
Now let's take our swords!

Fight while the night is falling down, while the oceans meet the sky
Between death and glory ride
Show the evil brightness of your lance, show the blade of your sword
'cause your kingdom will not fall

The master of heaven gave you the crown, you'll have the throne of Lorengaard
Your noble heart will be legend tonight and you will burn out your holy flame!

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