Don''t Need Your Alibis lyrics

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Artist(s)Become One
Album(s)  -

You got something that
I don't need
All you're giving
means nothing more to me
You fool the others
but you cant't see
There's more to lovin'
than you ever may believe

And all I say is

I don't need your alibis
Don't want to hear your lies
Gotta keep what U got
You know I got enough
And that's why I say
I don't wanna hear you cry
Oh no, I can't deny
Gotta keep
what U got enough
And that's why I say

Your possession is all you feel
It's your obsession
and it's not real
I got mine and
you've got yours
You wo`n't take less,
I don't want any more


Your alibis
Don't work for me
You keep forgetting
That love is not the deal
(love is not the deal)
No more excuses
I'm sick and tired
Now I will show you
Your time is running out
(time is running out)


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