Throw His Song Away lyrics

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Artist(s)Beautiful South
Album(s)  -

Verse one, he was pissed, an excuse that you probably missed
'Cause his smile and his grace made your skirt ride high
Verse two, still drunk and his breath most definitely stunk
Of the lies and the shite he was spitting out

So won't you throw his song away
Won't you throw his song away
Won't you throw his song away

Verse three, is the verse that'll make you smile
And if you're able to hold back the bile and just kiss his hairy ear

Verse four is as sad as a man ever gets
Is a verse built to open your legs
If you don't, if you don't, he'll retire


You, you deserve higher than I can sing
Deserve lower than the trumpet can swing
You, you deserve all
Me, I'm beyond all that jism and blues
I'm beyond all that, I always lose
Yes I fuck, but I win

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