Perfect Ten lyrics

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Artist(s)Beautiful South
Album(s)  -

She's a perfect ten
But she wears a twelve
Baby keep a little two
for me
She could be sweet sixteen
Busting out of the seams
It's still love in the first degree uh huh
When he's at my gate (uh huh)
With a big fat eight (uh huh)
You wanna see the smile on my face
And even at my door with a poor poor four
There ain't no man can replace

'Cos we love our love
in different sizes
I love her body
especially the lies
Time takes its toll but not on the eyes
Promise me this take me tonight

If he's extra large (that's me)
Well I'm in charge (uh huh)
I can work this thing on top
And if he's XXL well what the hell
(uh huh)
Every penny don't fit the slot

Ah the anorexic chicks the model six
They don't hold no weight with me
Well eight or nine well that's just fine
But I like to hold something I can see

I've bought a watch to time your beauty
But I've had to fit a second hand
I've bought a calendar (uh huh)
And every month (uh huh)
It's taken up by lover man

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