Good As Gold (stupid As Mud) lyrics

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Artist(s)Beautiful South
Album(s)  -

Don't know what I'm doing here
I'll carry on regardless
Got enough money for one more beer
I'll carry on regardless
Good as gold, but stupid as mud
He'll carry on regardless
They'll bleed his heart 'til there's no more blood
But carry on regardless

Carry on with laugh
Carry on with cry
Carry on with brown under moonlit sky

Chorus I want my love, my joy, my laugh, my smile, my needs
Not in the star signs
Or the palm that she reads
I want my sun-drenched, wind-swept Ingrid Bergman kiss
Not in the next life
I want it in this
I want it in this

Got one note to last all week
I'll carry on regardless
The hill to happiness is far too steep
I'll carry on regardless

Dried his mouth in the Memphis sun
He camed on regardless
Tned to smile and he bit his tongue
But carry on regardless

Carry on with work
Carry on with love
Carry on with cheering
Anything above

I don't want silver, I just want gold
Carry on regardless
Bronze is for the sick and the old
But carry on regardless

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