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Someone There You Know lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Barclay James Harvest
Album(s)  -

I've been looking for a place that I know well
It's a long long way from here and when I get there
I will tell, I will tell
I've been looking for a time that I once knew
I could spend some happy hours just being there with you
It doesn't matter where you go
As long as there is someone there you know

So if you need a friend you can depend on me
'Cause I know what it feels to be alone
And in the darkest night you need a light to see
Your shadow's sinking low
Just like a stone
Feels like a broken bone
Guess I'll go on home

I've been looking for someone I know so well
She's a long long way from me and when I find her
I will tell her
It doesn't matter where she goes
As long as there is someone there she knows

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