True Confessions lyrics

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Album(s)True Confessions

If you want love
Come and get it
Well that's alright with me
And if you think
That's tough
Forget it
'Cos there's no guarantee
(No guarantee)

Well your dreams
Won't last forever
And that's how it should be
I'm only living
For your pleasure
Your real life fantasy
(Real life fantasy)

True Confessions
(True confessions can reveal)
True confessions true confessions
(False impressions)
False impressions disappear
True confessions
(True confessions you come back)
True Confessions True Confessions
(These obsessions)
These obsessions of your mind
(Of your mind)

If I lead you to the water
Oh, will you take a drink?
Emotions that you torture
Make you stop and think
(Make you stop and think)

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