Ready Or Not lyrics

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Album(s)True Confessions

Remember that August night
The last time I saw your face
I heard you cry, terrified
When they took you to another place
But now I can see you smile
There's a wall that divides us
Never forgive
The right to live
And all the love that they deny us

Ready or not I'm coming
And I'm gonna find you baby so you better start running
Ready or not I'm coming
And I'm gonna get to you no matter what they do
Ready or not I'm coming
Creeping up behind you baby, let me tell you something
Ready or not I'm coming
Bringing all my love to you, but am I getting through?

Am I getting through?

I send all my love to you
One chance to make it through
Shadows fall, can't hear me call
But my heart goes out to you


I'll never give up the fight
Never be satisfied
Till we stand, hand in hand
Touching freedom on the other side
But it's getting harder now
To live and take orders
Risking my life, tonight's the night
Heading over the border...

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