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You're Never Satisfied lyrics

Rating: 3.32
Song Details
Album(s)Please Yourself

I gave you everything but you still want more
You just don't know what you're looking for
You used to say I was all you ever need
But now you're running round footloose and free

You choose to play the other side of the tracks
Then expecting me to take you back
You never know what's good for you
You want your cake and eat it too

Took my love, threw it on one side
Saying the grass is greener on the other side
You can look but you'll never find
Don't you know you're never satisfied

If you play with fire you'd better learn
You fool around you get your fingers burned
Out of mind is out of sight
Don't know how you sleep at night


Took my love

Oh, but you can look

You're never satisfied

Don't know how you sleep at night
Footloose and free
You want your cake and eat it too

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