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Is She Good To You? lyrics

Rating: 3.36
Song Details
Album(s)Please Yourself

Is she good to you
Ooh, ooh

I've seen you out and about
Doing the things we used to do
And I've seen you looking at her
The same way I always looked at you
And I know your happy now
And I hope you'll never find
That you've got a broken heart
The way you broke mine

So tell me the truth
Now that we're through
Baby, is she good to you
Does she give you her time
Tell you you're fine
Baby, is she good to you
Can she love you like I do
Does she thrill you through and through
Is she good to you

I can't believe you would go
Leaving me here after all that was said
And how much it hurts me to know
That you're lying in someone else's bed
And when I close my eyes
You're the only thing I see
So if she hurts you boy
You can come back to me


But you've got a broken heart
The way you broke mine, ooh

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