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Give It All Up For Love lyrics

Rating: 3.29
Song Details
Album(s)Please Yourself

To all the men I knew before
Old love letters in the drawer
Mean nothing to me no more
Everything that I possessed
Brought me joy and happiness
And everything I worked for

I don't need my photographs
No reminders of the past
Next to me there's no contest
Parties and the shallow friends
Social whirl that never ends

Gonna give it up
Give it all up
For your love
Gonna give it up
Give it all up
For your love

How could I know, how could I see
What life had in store for me
What does it all mean
None of this was ever planned
But now fate has played her hand
Dream into reality

Now I've got you in my life
To keep, to keep me warm at night
You're everything I need and more
Parties and the shallow friends
The social whirl that never ends

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