In The Echo Chamber lyrics

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Artist(s)Hoodoo Gurus
Album(s)Stoneage Romeos

As I was out walking home alone one night,
I saw this man approaching - he wore a coat of white.
He said, "You don't know me, but you'll very soon find out!"
Then the world was darkness as a cloth
clamped around my mouth.
Where am I? I don't know
(How can I escape?)

Slowly I recovered. My head was aching bad.
I was laying on the carpet inside this madman's lab.
Then a voice was speaking from behind a glass-walled booth
It said, "Welcome stranger, we've got
some serious work to do!"
Where am l? Someone say more!
(What's his fiendish plan?)

He said "You're my guinea-pig,
I'm an Unsound Engineer
I'm going to see how much a man can dig
A thousand voices in his ever-decreasing human ear."

In the Echo Chamber I almost went insane,
Even my own heartbeat caused my eardrum pain.
It was like a Phil Spector nightmare: the echo machine ran wild
It was louder, getting louder - I thought that I would die.
Where am l? Say more!
I never got out of there though I've tried and tried
For twenty-more years
That's why I am where I am now
Where am l?
I'm gonna tear it down before I go...
(Ah c'mon, Michaelangelo, you know)

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