(Let´s All) Turn On lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Hoodoo Gurus
Album(s)Stoneage Romeos

Shake Some Action, Psychotic Reaction,
No Satisfaction, Sky Pilot, Sky Saxon.
That's what I like.
Blitzkrieg Bop to the Jailhouse Rock
Stop Stop Stop At The Hop do the Bluejean Bop.
That's what I like.

Better get off my cloud 'cos two's a crowd,
Better get off the phone - there's nobody home.
I'm gonna work it on out, I'm gonna Twist & Shout.
I'm gonna Ride A White Swan and Get it on,
Let's all turn on!

Born To Lose those Summertime Blues
In Blue Suede Shoes, Le Hoodoo Gurus.
That's what I like.
Waiting for My Man, baby, Can The Can,
I Wanna Hold Your Hand, remember Sam The Sham?
That's what I like!

When You Walk in The Room, Sunny Afternoon,
A-Wop-Bop A-Loo-Bop, A-Lop-Bam-Boom

That's what I like.
I like Sugar, Sugar, Talk, Talk, Money, Honey, Boardwalk
Who wears Short Shorts? (We wear Short Shorts!)
That's what I like!
Turn on.

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