Where´s That Hit lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Hoodoo Gurus
Album(s)Magnum Cum Louder

Bases are loaded,
Two out and you're at the plate.
Time to start swinging
"Don't think too hard, son, you'll be great."

You know about pressure.
Two down and you're on the brink.
The stadium's shouting
So loud you can't hear yourself think.

(Strike One!) Let's play ball!
(Strike Two!) - One bad call.

Just up from the minors
A kid with potential, they said.
You've dreamed of this moment,
One game you'll never forget.

(Ball!) Ball one: now you spit
(Ball!) - Ball two: Where's that hit?

Bottom of the ninth, it depends on you.
You can save the game - you can lose it too.
You could make your name when you get that hit.
Winners never quit waiting for that hit

Remember in high school
The way you could knock'em all dead?
Now you're in the big league,
A man with a price on his head.

The pitcher is winding-
You pop behind third: it falls safe.
You're getting your timing.
Another like that, you're on base.

(Ball!) Ball three - this is it!
(Foul ball!) Foul back: where's that hit?

Here you are at Shea, your hearts in your throat
Will you make the grade? Will you miss the boat?
Hero of the day - Hero, or the goat?
Winners never quit waiting for that hit.
Where's that hit?

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