Where Nowhere Is lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Hoodoo Gurus
Album(s)Blow Your Cool

Do you know where nowhere is?
It's where you are.
Do you know what nothing means?
Do you know what no-one thinks?
It's all about you.
And do you know what?
Nobody cares!

Well, you can't see the stars
In the daytime,
And you can't see the sun
When it's night,
But you can't even see yourself In the mirror
And I Don't see you at all.
Not at all.

Do you know where (Nowhere!)
Nowhere is?

You had everything
That you ever wanted-
Man, you had it made
Was what you had!
You forgot the only thing
You ever needed
And you can't hide, You can't hide that from me!
No, not from me.

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