Party Machine lyrics

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Artist(s)Hoodoo Gurus
Album(s)Blow Your Cool

(Well it's Friday night and I just got paid
Nothing on tomorrow - Man, I got it made!)

We got an engine but we got no wheels
Don't need no petrol for our Gurumobile
Cos we ain't going nowhere near the ground.
We're on a rocket ship to inner space
Out into orbit moving in one place
And going faster than the speed of sound.

Move your feet to the rhythm of love,
Groove that beat-once is never enough.
Dig my words, it's a happening scene!
Hitch a ride on the Partymachine.

You know we're gonna have a Real Cool Time

Your wig will flip so high you'll lose your mind!
Let's fIy a Supersonic to the sun.
There's people swinging on the chandelier.
The pilot's singing to the bombardier,
Oo-wee! Capracornia, here we come! (Here we go!)

Blow Your Cool while the night is still young.
Make your move - now you're having some fun.
Catch my wave, won't you tune in on me?
Hitch a ride on the Partymachine.

I say, Where have you been? Where have you been?
- On the Partymachine, On the Partymachine
I say, What did you see? What did you see?
- I saw Everything, Everything (and more!)
I wanna go Somewhere-
But Anywhere will do.

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