Come On lyrics

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Artist(s)Hoodoo Gurus
Album(s)Blow Your Cool

Oh, come on,
I've been hanging out,
Had some nagging doubts,
But that was until now.
Oh, come on,
You are all I want.
All I want.
How could I hold out for long?

Oh, come on,
Who cares what people say?
'Cause we can sleep all day,
Tonight won't keep away.
Let's just play.
Oh, come on,
How can we be wrong?
We're not wrong
When we both feel so strong.
We're so strong, we're so strong
Come on.

Come on,
The last train's almost gone.
Really gone!
Let's enjoy the ride we're on.
So come on,
We can take our time -
We can take walk the line, after all.

So come on,
'Cause it's you I love.
When push comes to shove
You're more than enough.
You're more than enough.
Come on.

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