They Cry lyrics

Rating: 2.98
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Artist(s)Dominatrix & Street Bulldogs
Album(s)Dominatrix & Street Bulldods

My poor little angel now are dead
They had no choice inside
The little kids are now so alone they didn't live a life
Girls are girls but little girls are dead
A guy behing them all made the children feel just like crap
They were born just to fall

Why do we have a fate we just don't it more
Coz the sky's so close and it's so easy to give up
Isn't it that funny?

Why the life has gotta be like this?
I know i hear they cry
The big guy uses their bodies
Like this he can survive
One day the evil god revenge
Will kill all those bad souls
Little kids will come back to their houses
They'll have a childhood

Little girl uses her money to buy the make up
She's 9 or 10 years old
The baby even has no face but she knows what's her first job
She knows exactly what does "death" mean
Oh no she's still alive
She's indian with pretty red face but she never saw a tree

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