Your Move lyrics

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Artist(s)Yu-Gi-Oh: Music to Duel By Soundtrack
Album(s)Yu-Gi-Oh: Music to Duel By Soundtrack

Verse 1

It's time to duel and there's no backing down
The heart of the cards is where magic is found

Bridge 1

We played this game before
But never quite this way
It's like an all out war
With monsters at our play


He's the king of games!
King of games!

Instrumental Break

Your move!

Verse 2

It's now your turn and the traps have been set
We got one last surprise and it ain't over yet!

Bridge 2

They got the upper hand
But that won't last for long
It's time to take a stand
And show them that you're strong

Repeat Chorus

Egyptian secrets are revived
Ancient Powers have survived
With all the rates all black and white
Friends will help to win the fight
Solve the puzzle's mystery
Unlock the hero's destiny
Now alter egos now one knows
Side by side they fight their foes

Heeeeeey! It's time to duel!

Bridge 3

These duel identities
They struggle for control!
To personalties
Inhabiting one's soul!

Bridge 4

It's not a match you're in
It's much more like a brawl!
The only way to win
You've gotta stay your own!

Instrumental Break

Your move!

Repeat Verse 1, Bridge 1

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