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Artist(s)Light It Up Soundtrack
Album(s)Light It Up Soundtrack

[Amil & Solé]
Uh, Amil-lion, Solé
Major Coins, yeah
What what, uh uh
Roc-a-fella, y'all

Uh, uh, uh
Lyrical, blink your eye, the storm
Never saw me comin' but I made sure you was warned
In a blaze I run a gun high, I'm soundin' a horn
See my glarin', stunnin' runnin' by negative four
When I see you shunnin', gimme when I need it or I take it
Fuck game, pass the blame, ain't no need to be fakin'
Motha-fuckas want to bring it to the point where I'm brakin'
Feel the wrath in the heart nigga, ain't no mistakin'
Do away until the corn comin', follow the rain
In it goes, swallow pride like you swallow my pain
Where the grain, feel my fire, don't you wish you was tame
Can't you say it, made it clear, keep 'em yellin' my name
Solé, play the cards I was dealt in the game
Take it how you figure mini keep it, standin' the flames
Basil, how you live it for clear it, nothin' the same
360, kept 'em after dark, knowin' I came
Stay fuckin' wit me

1 - [Amil]
My bitches light it up, it don't stop
We gon' make it happen till the last one drop
My niggaz light it up, it don't quit
In the new millenium, don't check no shit

My bitches light it up, it don't stop
They gon' know we ran when we let the guns pop
My niggaz light it up, it don't quit
First one move be the first one hit

Something's about to jump off
Foxy lady, safety's come off
In tight situations we niggaz run off
Done off, when the guns go off
Blaow, 'bout to light shit up
Quicker than cops write shit up
If it get to hectic then you might get stuck
Locked and tied up
While the key players still keep playin'
Never burn bitches cause you might need faces
Bust seven caps, stack the three layers
Or the house by the mile before see neighbors
Suspects, what the fuck next?
I double up tecks like I shuffle up decks
Move relationships for those who cut checks
I want what I want, nothin' less
Yeah yeah, Amil-lion, nigga what?

Repeat 1

Light it up, see me callin' your bluff, knuckle up
Lightning struck when you thought you was buff
What the fuck?
Try to put it down harder than us
Better duck nigga, head stoned like it was puff
? run up
Let me show you we ain't playin' in here
Times up, give it up, we gon' play on your fear
One up, two ahead, made it perfectly clear
Solé, mother-fucker, should've switched it in gear

How you like me now
A little more feisty now
Don't be mad 'cause I'm icy now
Just imagine what the price be now
Whoa, I come wit, make mouths drop
Got ya suckin' your teeth, poutin a lot
Wherever I bring it I crowd the block
Amil-lion and Solé, ain't about to stop

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[Amil & Solé]
That's right, uh
Major Coins import the grain
Marvin Gaye, Desert Storm (yeah, what, uh)
For that ass
85, uh-huh, uh

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

* music till fade *

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