Macho Insecurity lyrics

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Artist(s)Dead Kennedys
Album(s)Bedtime For Democracy

Name one thing on earth lower than a tough guy
Who talks with his fists instead of using his head
Who beats the shit out of anything it can't understand
Behind the muscle mask is a scared little boy

called Macho insecurity
Macho insecurity
Macho insecurity
'Cause you can't stand

Got a bitch with me
Why won't you say it to my face
It's so easy to mouth off to others
But where's your proof
Maybe we can talk if you'd just drop your act
Nothing's ever solved by making childish threats
That's Macho Insecurity

Why do you want people to be so afraid of you
Why are you so scared of anything that's different
No one's ever there when you need friends
You wonder why:
It's 'cause you take yourself so seriously
But being such a clown
Gives the rest of us the right to laugh
At your Macho Insecurity
'Cause you can't stand yourself

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